Jewelry Care


I want to ensure that your jewelry looks it’s best for as long as possible so I recommend the following care instructions. 

  • Always apply makeup, perfume and any body products before your jewelry. 
  • After each wear gently wipe your jewelry clean of make up and skin oils with a soft clean cloth.
  • Remove jewelry when you shower or bathe and particularly the beach, ocean and pool.
  • Never use abrasives, chemicals or products to clean your jewelry.
  • For minor cleaning, use a soft polishing cloth. Mild dish liquid and water can be used to clean your silver, gold and gemstone jewelry. Be sure to dry it thoroughly before storing in an airtight bag to prevent tarnish.
  • Sterling silver will tarnish over time, especially if not worn regularly. Tarnish can be cleaned off with the above methods.
  • Sunshine Polishing Cloths are great for taking care of your jewelry.